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Hey! Cafe is now roasting tiny batches.

At Hey! Cafe, we didn't invent the microroast trend.  It's a tradition!  

A long, long time ago; nearly everyone who drank coffee roasted it themselves in rather tiny drum roasters.  This tradition is alive and well at Hey! Cafe.  As far as we know, Hey! Cafe is the only place where you can taste this tiny batch home roasting tradition.  ...Well, outside of your home, that is.  But let's face it folks, we've all heard others touting a microroast.  Let me tell you about what these people are calling 'microroast,' they're batches are 10 times bigger than ours!  

By comparison, we're serving nano-roast!


Well, mostly because we're a small cafe. But, with tiny batches, we are able to control the roast more by cooling the beans more quickly, and achieve greater consistency!  AND when you purchase a 0.5 lb bag at Hey! Cafe, you purchase the whole batch!  That means the roast master watched YOUR single bag of coffee from start to finish.  Micro-Roast, BABY!

Now THAT'S love!

now. . .

do you absolutely love coffee?

the hey!cafe features ceiling fans, coffee fans, friendly people, peculiar mugs, hexagonal tiles, outdoor seating, bathroom mural in progress, fair trade coffee, diverse selection of hot and iced teas, fantastic snacks, insanely good coffee, basketball court view, convenient and historic location, large study tables, detailed wifi, dancing, constant progress, proffessional website, cartoons and doodles, caffeine culture revivalism, great books and records, dancing, knowledgeable staff, great people like you, iced coffee, stone gargoyles, smells great, dog friendly, vegan friendly, you friendly.

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and don't forget. . . hey!cafe is open late! consider having your next business meeting or study session at the hey!

summer hours:

monday - thursay: 7 am - 11pm

friday: 7 am - 8pm

saturday: 7:00 am - 8pm

sunday: 7:00 am to 11pm

can't find us? just look around you!

4332 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA 70115

(on the corner of magazine and napoleon)

don't call us, just come over!

thanks for being here.


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Do you have questions? suggestions? concerns? a strong desire to collaborate? comments? other problems? hey! cafe is working overtime to subdue your inner demons, and urges you take control of YOUR coffee shop.  Please do not hesitate to contact: